Deep Cleaning

A good deep cleaning is when you really put some serious elbow grease into fully cleaning your home or business. While regular cleaning is important and a great way to keep a space tidy and fresh, you can expect every inch of that space to be immaculate when a good professional deep cleaning is done.

Hygiene und Sauberkeit

From moving all equipment and furniture and cleaning under them, to every item being scrubbed until it shines like new, you can expect every nook and corner of your home or office to get special attention with a professional deep cleaning. This is where the trusted cleaning team of Like New Cleaning Services can help.

When we’re engaged in our busy lives, maintaining cleanliness is often shrugged off to aside. Over time, any space whether residential or commercial can become infiltrated with dust, dirt, excessive mold spores, viruses, and even bacteria. Because of these hazards, it’s always a good idea that deep cleaning is regularly done to avoid such situations.

A dirty environment is not only a haven for bacteria and other microorganisms to breed, but an unclean and disordered space also makes it far more difficult to concentrate on the everyday tasks. At Like New Cleaning Services, we’re committed to your health as well as exceeding your expectations during the entire deep cleaning process.

Deep cleaning takes time, but has the ability to get rid of all the dirt and grime buildup that regular cleaning just can’t remove. With regular cleaning, you only clean the outer surfaces which is not effective in eliminating bacteria and germs. A deep cleaning doesn’t just clean, but it also disinfects the entire space.

Sometimes, regular cleaning doesn’t always get those hard-to-reach areas that really need to be addressed. A personally crafted and customized deep cleaning services plan from the team at Like New Cleaning Services is designed to leave your home or office thoroughly scrubbed and sanitized. Experience the difference today with a free professional deep cleaning consultation!