Home to an extensive collection of regional objects, archives and a research library specializing in local history and genealogy, The Old Colony History Museum is a great place to visit. Open year-round while offering many exciting exhibitions, activities, programs, research opportunities, this has become an inspiring setting for visitors around the block and the world.

The parent organization of this cool museum is the Old Colony Historical Society which was founded in May 4, 1853 and makes it one of New England’s oldest historical societies. This amazing piece of history is super excited with both the history with and the community as they welcome plenty of visitors all year round.

Founded in 1853, it serves the region of southeastern Massachusetts that was once part of the Plymouth Colony. The amazing collections do a good job in chronicling lives lived, wars waged, fortunes won and ingenuity rewarded. The museum encourages its visitors to walk among all of the exhibits as they discover all the regional history.

This museum is fully committed to the preservation of the long history through public engagement and community outreach. They are here to collect, curate, interpret and bring to vibrant life the great history of the Old Colony. They collaborate with the community to share those meaningful connections that knit together the past, present and future.

The mission of the Old Colony History Museum is twofold, First, to collect, preserve and exhibit the history of the region of southeastern Massachusetts once known as the Old Colony. Second, through programs of outreach and education by interpreting the area’s history in ways that are inclusive and meaningful to both the residents and visitors.

Close to Massasoit State Park and Freetown-Fall River State Forest, the Museum is located on historic Church Green with headquarters in the former Bristol Academy that was designed in 1852 by New York architect Richard Upjohn. Put this spot on your list as you’re invited to experience what they mean by history is happening here.